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Fitorex Users Update


There has been castigation and strong condemnation that our representatives were confronted from the Fitorex users during this time of Fitorex payment delay. We want to correct the misconception about whether Fitorex profile is real or fake. Most Fitorex subcribers reffered to Fitorex as the association of "so-called representatives". Although, We connected to our represntatives via online businesses and the long partnership drove us to action of approving them as our trusted representatives when the new ideas and innovations of exchanging THEBILLIONCOIN-BITCOIN-ALTCOIN came in. We are at this point reaffirming and stating it clearly that Fitorex board members has no investments plan with our representatives, It only that they serve as a channel through which our exchange platform was spread to The TBC community which implies that they promote,advertise,campaign and introduce our exchange to TBC community. Furthermore, We really cherished your patience and understanding during this period Fitorex had payment delay to our subscribers. We have never diminished your reputation and we do as much as possible to always preserve our integrity. As a matter of fact, We have resolved the many problems that incapacitated regular payment. Nonetheless, We are seriously imploring you to change the negative altitude and impression that we users,non-members and TBC community at large had towards the representatives of fitorex , We are publishing the list of our representaives herein all over the world .

  1. China : Genjo Huang ( circle trust investment )
  2. Ivory Coast:KARIDJA Kouassi( Nevile crypto Ltd )
  3. India:Jatin Mangal ( Jatin access corporation)
  4. Australia: Jessica Brown AND Jordan Brown ( JB AND J)
  5. Bahamas:Deshawn Lockhart( NILL)
  6. Algeria: meriem Benyamina ( meriem crypto-exchange)
  7. Afghanistan : Almeida BARAKZAI AND Taiba JAHAN (NILL)
  8. Nigeria : Adeyanju John ( Netkay technology )
  9. Canada : Gabriel Macdonald Fund ( NILL)

NOTE: All the above listed representatives of Fitorex are not liable,responsible and accountable for the loss of any investor/investors that is/are investing or has invested on this platform,
For better comprehension you can read fitorex RISK WARNING ''The risk resulting from the high volatility associated with cryptocurrencies and the fact that many of the organizations that facilitate such transactions are unregulated. Most also note that citizens who invest in cryptocurrencies do so at their own personal risk and that no legal recourse is available to them in the event of loss.You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, you need to ensure that you understand the risks involved and taking into account your investment objectives and level of experience.


The purpose of this announcement is to inform Fitorex users of important changes,rules and refinements to our platform that will be introduced from now on to improve the system and better serve our members. We observed and attached the reasons why the system got disrupted to that of these following points.
  • Multiple exchange on a single account caused the system to be overburdened which resulted in payment delay.
  • The maximum amount of the $1000 is too high for the system to maintain because we are also investing the 60% bitcoin on mining and other investments whereas some of the investments are on long term plan before profits.
  • The time duration of 15-20 working days for exchange between $50-$350 is too fast while the time duration of 20-30 working days for exchange between $400-$1000 is too fast as well.
  • There is no referrer or affiliate program for Fitorex members. We believe that almost every business has incentive and the ways to encouraging members.
  • TBC is in distribution phase which has really attracted the attention of these concern entities : existing cypto exchanges, existing crypto brokers, investors that are willinging to launch exchanges with the purpose of accepting TBC. There is an ongoing discussion amongst the investors and exchanges company on how TBC will be 100% exchanged to bitcoin and altcoin when the TBC admin fiat exchange phase arrives come January 2020. Fitorex is waiting for the outcome of the discussion to determine if the rate of 60/40% we exchange on this platform can be reduced to a bare minimum.
  • TBC has already been embraced all over the world, and has been spent in some places. With this, All that have better understanding on the way TBC system works and the handsome benefit inherent in it are accepting it for payment, ignoring it present phase of wealth distribution and the fact that it is not yet in its Merchant,fiat exchange and full Economy Phase, which is scheduled to commence sometimes within the year 2020. Fitorex and other investors decided to wait untill the TBC distribution phase end so as to determine the rate at which TBC will be exchanged. Additionally,TBC admin are planning to introduce their fiat exchange by 2020, The conclusion in a nutshell is that Fitorex will start paying all investors that have pending withdraw after the TBC distribution phase event elapse.
  • Henceforth, Fitorex will start reversing all the pending withdraw back to the investors Fitorex account, We have to implement this to regulate and to let the new policy work better. You can check your balance on your dashboard or account if you are receiving appropriate fund, Kindly contact or message our support if you are receiving a wrong amount. Fitorex is assuring all our investors that investing with us you are save.


For the aforesaid reasons we are restrategizing,restructuring the system to enable the better functioning of the platform and implementing new exchange policy that will be listed herein
(A) Henceforward no multiple exchange will be allowed on a single account. we need to introduce a limit exchange so that all participants are in absolutely equal conditions and cannot exploit the System due to the enormous exchange and withdrawals at the expense of others will let the system flow on a balance scale.
(B) The maximum exchange monthly on an account will be $500 while the minimum exchange will be $100
(c) The affiliate and refferer bonus will be 5% upon any exchange of your downline so that this platform can exponentially grow its traffic


Meanwhile, Fitorex doesn"t do anything special here. The point is that Fitorex invest your 60% and return it with total of 100% . This is a platform established to help the TBC community, This is the first innovation to promote valueless coins and exchange it to valuable coins. The new idea in the world of egocentric,self-centred, and soulless, a world of greed and hard cash. The objective and aim here is not the 60% money you invest .The intention is to let the people know that the coins that they are holding are valuable through the help of Fitorex . We are fully confident that the System in its current form will be stable as ever!

I agree to the Condition & Policy!

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