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Fitorex Payment Delay -We are just the best-

The Chinese government pushed crypto miners to make an "orderly exit" from the industry due to tax issues and mining being generally hazardous for the environment. China revealed its intent to ban cryptocurrency mining.

 The delay in payment of Fitorex  subscribers was the consequence of The consultation period that ends on May 7 that was presented by the agency seeking
the public opinion whether to ban crypto-mining completely or to implement a strict regulations to the mining industry. And  Fitorex generate its profit from crypto mining, Although, Fitorex has diverse investments and we have no substantial loss, we are ever profitable regularly. We urge FItorex users not to entertain fears  our  promises remain firm to exchange valueless cryptocurrency to valuable cryptocurrency .  Additionally,  We cryptocurrency investors must observe that couple of days the sharp falling in the price of bitcoin  was associated to the government  to ban crypto mining in China , The country mine almost 70% of all bitcoin in the world.   

The Fitorex also protract its formal apology to our users that their payment has been delayed you will all receive your payment as soon as possible.

The Fitorex admin hereby warning subscribers henceforth to stop multiple withdraw on a single account which means you have to place withdraw base on your total balance in consideration with the nearest exchange options provided by Fitorex.

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