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Fitorex Video Testimonial Campaign

The Fitorex exchange is the best platform that has ever promoted TBC thebillioncoin and other valueless coins in the history of crypto-currency .This mission can be achieved by joining hands together, we want to make sure that TBC get to the target of 1 billion users and we have unto $250,000.00 in our portfolio for this project, we want to support the TBC admin to eradicate poverty, We are optimistic that if TBC and valueless coins are exchangeable to BTC/ALTCOIN more members will join TBC community, For this reason we are announcing to all our members that have benefited from our exchange to submit his/her testimonial video link in other to contribute to the campaign to let the word know that TBC and VALUELESS COIN ARE NOW VALUABLE.

NOTE : Each video link gives you $5 to $10 to your FITOREX account depending on the quality, if you ignore or fail to submit your video testimonial, Your next exchange can be on pending withdraw. 
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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